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Statistical analysis is a skill rarely taught in medical school, universities and during post graduate training. Even those undertaking a masters or PhD, rely on statisticians to analyse the data to ensure the paper can be submitted for publication. Lack of knowledge and skill in this area can really hinder you from publishing your work. You can waste countless hours, make costly mistakes which ultimately lead to inability to submit the article or rejection from the journal. Our team is here to help, to save you a lot of time and trouble, helping you with your statistical analysis!


What does the statistical analysis service cover?:

  • Performing the statistical tests based on the research question
  • Helping you interpret the study results
  • Verifying the results section of your study
  • Sample size and power analysis
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Confidence intervals
  • Significant difference tests (t-tests, ANOVAs, and other parametric tests)
  • Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon T, Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA by ranks, exact sign test, and other nonparametric tests
  • Correlations (Pearson, Spearman etc.)
  • Psychometric analyses (e.g., Cronbach’s alpha)
  • Multiple correlation and regression (linear regression, analysis of mediating variables and moderator variables)
  • MANOVA and MANCOVA (one-way, factorial, within-subjects, between-subjects, and mixed designs)
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Exploratory factor analysis


How does the process work ?

Firstly, we take confidentiality extremely seriously and be sure to note that you data will not be shared with anyone other than the team working on it, We will ask you to send us a brief synopsis of your project to and what analysis is required. We will then work out the analysis required and will aim to carry out and deliver within 2 weeks.  At the end of the 2 weeks, you will receive the tables with the analysis performed and relevant graphs (e.g Forest plots).  We will review your results section of the manuscript to ensure the analysis is interpreted correctly.


Who will perform the statistical analysis?

The analysis will be performed by senior medical statisticians and researchers, with 10+ years of experience.



“Highly efficient service. I had been struggling with the statistics and the High Yield Team were able to quickly turn around the data I sent for analysis. Whether you are an undergraduate student, masters or doctoral student, I would highly recommend this service.” JW, PhD Student

“Very reliable and professional service. I will be using for future projects as well”  AM, Masters Student



Want to get your paper published? Our manuscript advising service, delivered by native English clinical academics, will help to optimise your manuscript and get it to publish standard. Our team of experts (who also sit on editorial boards and regularly review manuscripts) will advise you on pitfalls to avoid and focus on:

    • Structural enhancement
    • Manuscript editing and revision
    • Assistance in journal selection 
    • Creating/Editing rebuttal letters (responding to reviewers)

We will work on your manuscript/rebuttal letter and have this delivered back to you within 2 weeks. Opt for 1, 3 or 5 manuscript reviews/edits by our team (select at checkout).


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