High Yield Plastic Surgery ST3 Secrets Interview Course


UK’s premier high yield interview preparation course for the competitive ST3 Plastic Surgery Application. Led by number #1 ranked candidate in the UK and Consultant Plastic Surgeons.

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Date: On-demand; Venue: Virtual/Online

Plastic Surgery is one of the most competitive specialties at ST3 level. Posts are limited and many trainees after CST can spend 1-2 years doing a non-training trust grade job, before achieving success, and others either do not match or choose an alternative career pathway.

Time in the specialty during CST helps to strengthen the application, but there have been those who did 18 months of Plastic Surgery in CST who did not get a ST3 job, compared to those who had done the minimum requirement (6 months) who DID get a ST3 job! Thus, it is absolutely PIVOTAL to score highly in the interview process, to 1) secure a job and 2) secure a job in the desired geographical location in the UK, and interview preparation and technique will play a big role in your overall score.

The High Yield Plastic Surgery Interview Course is UK’s premier high yield interview preparation course. The faculty consists of our Founder & Chairman, Mr Ankur Khajuria, who ranked 1st in the UK Plastic Surgery National Selection, ranked 6th in the UK in CST and also obtained an ACF offer from University of Cambridge and has been running interview courses since 2015; and Consultant Plastic Surgeons..

Collectively, we have amalgamated past stations, techniques and frameworks to deliver the most focused and valuable course to get you ready to ACE the Plastic Surgery interviews!

Our philosophy is simple:- We want to maximise your time and provide the highest yield experience-based guidance based on real past interview stations, and teach you: WHAT to say; WHEN to say it; and HOW to say it. Articulation and structuring your answers with frameworks = points in the interview!

With the changes stipulated by the JCST and in light of COVID and virtual interviews, it is even more crucial to be succinct and to focus on body language – we will go through all interview components in detail, and cover as many past stations as possible, with focused mock interviews in the afternoon.


Clinical: Key to this is delivery of information – SPEED and ACCURACY – We will explain exactly what we mean by these concepts. We will cover past clinical stations and provide a framework to approach any scenario you may encounter

Structured: We will cover clinical governance, how to answer questions on clinical audit, research, teaching, management and ethics effectively

OSCE: Consent, Call the boss scenarios

-There will be plenty of opportunities for questions throughout the day

The interview can be a daunting prospect, especially given how pivotal it is for your future professional working lives. But through this intensive, high-yield programme, we hope to give you the key tools to excel and rise above the competition! Refund policy – full refund before 23 Jan; no refund thereafter

Other unique features:

  • Mock interviews
  • How to optimise body language in a virtual interview
  • High Yield advice from high quality faculty
  • Multiple Q&A sessions



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