Core Surgical Training (CST) Secrets

Started on January 1, 1970

Core Surgical Training is the gateway to your chosen specialty and your lifelong career. It is absolutely PIVOTAL to score highly to secure your first choice programmes – the better your jobs, the higher your chances of securing ST3 training numbers, especially for competitive specialties. It is key to rise above the competition.

Core Surgical Training (CST) Secrets is UK’s premier high yield CST preparation course, The core team consists of our Founder & Chairman, Mr Ankur Khajuria, who ranked 1st in the UK Plastic Surgery National Selection, ranked 6th in the UK in CST and scored 100% in the portfolio station, whilst also obtaining an ACF offer from University of Cambridge, and high flyers, Mr Nikhil Patel (ST3 General Surgery, who has authored a CST Preparation book), Miss Apoorva Khajuria (CT2 West Midlands who ranked 7th in the UK ) and Miss Roisin Johnson CT1, who was a delegate on last year’s course, and ranked 8th in the UK, scoring 100% in both the management and clinical stations .  Collectively, we have amalgamated past stations, techniques, frameworks and evidence-based teaching methods to deliver the most focused and valuable course to get you ready to ACE the CST interviews! Our previous delegates have ranked Top 10 in the country and also gone on to secure some of the most competitive and prestigious jobs in the country.

Our philosophy is simple:- We want to maximise your time and provide the highest yield experience-based guidance based on real past interview stations, and teach you: WHAT to say; WHEN to say it; and HOW to say it. Articulation and structuring your answers with frameworks = points in the station!

With the changes stipulated by the JCST and in light of COVID and virtual interviews, it is even more crucial to be succinct and to focus on body language – we will go through all interview components in detail, and cover as many past stations as possible, with focused mock interviews in the afternoon.


Management/Leadership: 1) Leadership presentation – what are the examiners looking for; how to structure it; what examples to include; how to deliver a punchy and memorable presentation; non-verbal skills

Portfolio: How to self-score; what evidence is satisfactory. We will also go through how to structure answers to commonly asked questions, e.g. audit/teaching

Clinical: Key to this is delivery of information – SPEED and ACCURACY – We will explain exactly what I mean by these concepts. We will cover as many past clinical stations as possible and provide a framework to approach any scenario you may encounter

-There will be plenty of opportunities for questions throughout the day

The interview can be a daunting prospect, especially considering how important it is for National Training Numbers (NTNs) and ultimately your future professional working lives. But through this intensive, high-yield programme, we hope to give you the key tools to excel and rise above the competition!

Other unique features:

  • Comprehensive delegate pack with past stations and model answers
  • 1:1 mock interviews
  • Guest speaker (CST examiner)
  • High Yield advice from candidates who ranked Top 10 in the country
  • Multiple Q&A sessions

What Our Students Say

Incredible course! Thank you to the CST Secrets Team – the course was key in me ranking 7th in the UK. The frameworks and structures provided in the lectures and the delegate pack were fantastic and made me feel so confident going into the interview. Every possible scenario was comprehensively covered. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants focused, high yield preparation and to ace the interview.

CST Testimony

Dr Roisin Johnson – ranked 8th in the UK CST

CST Secrets Team

Mr Ankur Khajuria
BSc (Hons) MBBS (Dist.) AICSM FHEA FRSPH MRCS (Eng) MAcadMEd. MSc (Oxon.)
Mr Nikhil Patel
BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCS (Eng)
Dr Apoorva Khajuria
BMedSci (Hons) BMBS PGDip (MedEd)
Dr Roisin Johnson
BSc (Hons) MBBS (Dist.)

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